NAMA Scents


Meditation Scents have always provided path to the soul!

Close your eyes and imagine over 3000 years of wisdom


A bunch of invisible aromas rising from a freshly baked cake or the woods after a blissful rain or the hint of perfume overflowing the air, all can arouse emotions and memories.

According to scientists, the visual sense dominates our lives, but it is undisputable that olfactory sensations trigger much deeper emotional responses. In fact, they rule much of the behavior, sentiments and actions of a myriad of animal species including our own.

Scents have always provided path to the soul!!!

The olfactory journey “educated” people since thousands of years to find instinctive pleasure in rubbing scents into their skin, using them to pray, heal and even make love.

Close your eyes and imagine over 3000 years of wisdom, rituals and secrets based on scents, scented oils and incenses…

Flowers, Herbs, Crystals and Oils were used to create fragrances for the body and the soul.

Archaeologist discovered in Cyprus the oldest perfume factory in the world, near Lemessos, in 2007. This factory dates back to 2000BC and amongst the clay pottery and distillers, scientists found jars of 500lt each proving the long scale production.

We read in Linear B plaques that “perfume” makers worked on specific production days that had to do with the lunar phases and eclipses - people in ancient Greece were using planet and lunar eclipse calculators on their daily life - the time and the planet positions.

There were two pre-phases during which they cleaned and smoked the plants or essential oils they were importing from other countries.

The utensils used, pottery and distillers were made of clay and the temperature and duration of the main process was precise.


Invocations, Encoded Prayers and Expressive Hymns – music and harmony played an important role during the essence making process – were used to somehow connect Earth with Heaven, Soul with Spirit, Desire with Accomplishment, the Protection with Confidence. 

In other words, Scents, Scented Oils and Incenses were considered as the bridge that allied the divine with the human.

After a deep research based on our passion and continuous perusal on Ancient Greece and its rituals and philosophy, we created Nama a quintessential liquid hymn in two variations – a scented oil burner and a quantum spray.