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Therapeutic Philosophy Class

Decoding Life : B2B or PRIVATE Virtual Class. The price is per session

  • 1 hour
  • 350 euros
  • Home Sweet Home

Service Description

If I asked you – what is more important; be a winner or be wiser? What would you answer? Recovery is not a dance of right and wrong, or black and white; it is a dance of integration and balance. Is it working for you? During our virtual philosophy class you will come closer to what makes you happier on your daily routine. Our activity is structured in such a way to help you (and your teams or friends) feel inspired and grateful of what you already have and reach your spiritual integration and success in each step you take. For when we love what we do, we always succeed… And we do it by following Socrates, Plato and Pythagoras steps... Decoding the truth behind the myth is the beginning of decoding the true essence of your life. During this amazing one of its kind experience we take you back to the 5th BC century in one of Plato's great academy that focuses on the encrypted message of the Cave - "To Spilaio" - followed by a short 15 minute meditation activity. Pour yourself a glass of wine sit back and join us on a "Zoom Boom Boom" one of a kind virtual activity. Yammas!

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