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Celestial Harmony: The first wedding astrologists worldwide!

Updated: Mar 22, 2021

The beginning of a new life together, forever, togetherness, all start here;

Universe unites people for some reason that only the soul and spirit may comprehend...

You have now both decided that you want to spend the rest of your life together, being there for each other, empower and inspiring each other but most of all spending your whole life together; The question is popped the ring is on, stars are in your eyes; But now what?

Are you going to jump to the next stage of designing and planning your wedding?

Or are you taking the essential path of sowing the seed of harmony between you too before sharing your very special day with your friends and family?

How well do you know each other and how far are you ready to go to make each other truly happy with the power of your genuine love? Nobody can predict the future, but everybody can invoke the lunar phases and eclipses as well as the planets and stars may influence the universe. Based on the wisdom of the "Pythagorean Astronomy" we created CELESTIAL WEDDINGS, a unique asset that you should definitely deploy as a time compass to find out how each other's planets may compliment your shared life together and use your charts to pick the auspicious wedding dates, colours, crystals and essences that will make your lifelong journey as perfect as you have dreamed of!!!

We will work with you or your event manager on your celestial projections and help you start your life together on that specific day that everything is brought into alignment, according to your very personal chart readings, your synastry, the lunar phases & eclipses and our signature linear B wedding plaques that will lead the way to picking these very special days that will allow the stars and planets to play their amazing music on your very special day.

All we need from you or your wedding planner is your birth dates (it would help if you knew the exact time you were born to calculate your ascendant precisely) as well as the country & city of your birth.

Leave the rest to us... The key to synchronisation before starting planning your dream wedding is just about to reach you;

For more information visit our weddings page at Weddings | Enviable Events

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