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Stress management & Productivity activity & workshop

(Walking & Online options available)


The objective, the function of developing a spiritual relationship with life is to explore ways of living that work better than the ones which are limiting and increasingly stressful.

We are only human and every day spent is a great lesson and a golden step that brings us closer to our goal; become wiser and therefore happier.

If I asked you – what is more important; be a winner or be wiser? What would you answer?

Recovery is not a dance of right and wrong, of black and white; it is a dance of integration and balance. Is it working for you? Is the way you approach your daily life working to meet your needs to be happy and make you handle any type of situation, easy or difficult, amusing or stressful, happy or upsetting?

During our Stress Management & Productivity activity you will come closer to what makes you happier on your daily routine.

There is balance in our life, this is why we are alive, the point is we need to find this balance within us, take away the power from the past and make it possible to make living more enjoyable today and in the future so that our lives are more serene, fulfilling and happy today – instead of living life out of the false belief systems we learned as children..


Our activity is structured in such a way to feel inspired and grateful of what you already have and reach your spiritual integration and success in each step you take. For when we love what we do, we always succeed…

During this amazing one of its kind experience we take you back to the 5th BC century where we are all part of a 4-hour “academy” that combines touring, initiation and enchantment via our tailor-made walking tour, meditation and ancient Greek symposium to practice all we encountered during our activity.

Ancient Gourmet Dinner2.jpg

Your activity includes:

  • 1-hour – Specially handcrafted Walking Activity

  • 1-hour Retreat with meditation & gratitude workshop

  • Ancient Greek Symposium


3.5 hours

Group Size:

This activity is available for groups of up to 8 persons maximum.


*You may well book the tweaked online activity for your team of 6-50+participants) that lasts 1.5 hours and includes signature hamper to send out to all your participants before the activity so that everybody enjoy an online symposium.

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