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The first robot is 2800 years old and comes from Greece...

The world may well know that the Greeks inspired philosophy, democracy, political thought and medicine, but little to nothing is known of their incredible and progressive feats in the area of technology.

In an age where humanity is anticipating, debating even dreading an inevitable takeover of life by robots, The Servant of Philon is an unmissable thing to see in Athens.

The generally unknown, world's first robot was a life-sized maiden who served wine - with the perfect mixture of water (Krassis) as the ancient Greeks deemed drinking wine straight as dangerous and somewhat barbaric - to symposium guests.

She was the brainchild of Philon of Byzantium, who lived in the 3rd century BC and who invented the water mill.

In the cavity of her chest are two containers, one of water and one of wine that connect via tubes and are poured through a pitcher she holds on her right hand, once a guest had placed his cup into her left hand....

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